Zombie Smasher

Zombie Smasher 1.5

Squash zombies' brains with your fingers


  • Hugely enjoyable to play
  • Fun graphics
  • Lots of levels
  • Range of different weird and wonderful zombies


  • Repetitive soundtrack
  • Sometimes zombies take more than one hit to kill

Very good

Zombie Smasher is a hilarious and fun game in which you need to kill zombies by squishing them with your fingers.

In Zombie Smasher hoards of undead rush down from the top of the screen and you must stop them reaching the bottom by tapping them. It starts off fairly easy but as you make your way through the many levels, it gets increasingly difficult to pass to the next stage.

Not only do the zombies move faster and more unpredictably as you progress through the levels in Zombie Smasher, but new kinds of zombies are introduced that are trickier to kill. For instance, there are burrowing zombies that hide underground, teleporting zombies, vicious dogs with lighting speed and baby zombies that fly forwards when you kill their mother.

In each level in Zombie Smasher you get three lives, which equates to three zombies reaching the bottom of the screen. If any more than this make it you must restart the level. Likewise if you hit one of the screaming humans you'll have to restart too.

There are several power-ups available in Zombie Smasher that can improve your chances, including lightning bolts, bombs and hunks of meat(!)

Graphically, Zombie Smasher looks good, featuring a cartoon style akin to Plants Vs Zombies. Unlike Plants Vs Zombie though, the braindead fiends in Zombie Smasher are really speedy!

In our tests (on version 1.1 of Zombie Smasher), the game got a little frustrating because sometimes you need to tap on a zombie two or three times to get it to die. Hopefully this is a bug that will be ironed out in a future release.

Zombie Smasher is an enjoyable game which is difficult to put down once you start. It's the perfect timewaster for a long journey. Be careful though, you hand will soon start to ache with all that screen bashing.

Zombie Smasher


Zombie Smasher 1.5

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